Thursday, 24 November 2011

Things We learnt from #slapgate

This is a rather hastily put together post, things we inferred when Harvinder Singh palms kissed the the rather swollen cheeks of swindle master,Sharad Pawar.

1.)You know when many of us feel irritated with a news channel keeps playing the same clip in loop over and over again.
Somehow the slap on Pawar's face gets sweeter and better every time it lands.I'm never getting old of seeing this clip.
2.)Its also interesting to see how Politicians close their ranks when one of their own is attacked.Everyone condemned the act of violence rather conveniently ignoring the suffocating living conditions that led to it.
3.)Such a small knife would be ineffective against Pawar.
4.)I guess I'm never going to grow tired of saying this-The media is run by a bunch of buffoons.One reporter blurts out that the man could be arrested under the Arms Act for carrying a knife.For the uninitiated, the Kirpan is a legal ornament of the Sikh.
And one enterprising crook was encouraging the idea of more security for politicians.
5.)In response to Pawar's stone faced and rather indifferent reaction,shoe companies have announced their intent to test for the durability of products by having a fling at his face.
6.)The proud Sikh unfortunately will now face the brunt of the politic-judicial cartel in this country.
7.)(From twitter)TOI says Pawar was ASSAULTED .. bhenchod if one little slap is an 'assault' then what is TOI's term for gaand pe laath?
8.)Finally Pranab Mukherjee admits 'I don't know where this country is going'.Thank you, Harinder.
9.)(From twitter)We condemn the faced at hands of Harvinder Singh . Just as Chiddu condemned the recent Mumbai and Delhi blasts

10.)And take a moment to pay homage to man who set the trend and redefined a democratic means of protest against a fascist state.

11.)As for harvinder's hatrick,i think he should go after Chidu's luingi.
12.)This was quick

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