Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Out of Depth

Many people here have taken a very simplistic view of international diplomacy failing to recognise the underlying tensions and grasp the context and the modus operandi of the protagonists.Manmohan Singh, i and millions other suspect, is trying to leave back a political legacy or bowing to the communal forces at play in India.We need to recognise that we are dealing with the De facto heads of Pakistan-the civilian democracy- while the real power lies in the custody of the notorious ISI and its big brother-the army.So getting assurances from a rubber stamp are bloody useless.
The Pakistan army at the end of the day still believes it is its manifest destiny to form a Noe mughal empire with Islamabad as its capital and India as its vassal states.But India's hapless leader's have been equally responsible for perpetrating the crisis.Their reply to 26/11 was dossier bombing.
We had developed substantial international pressure, especially in the western world (which control the UN,WTO and other such crony groups) and had isolated Pakistan.When it the time came to deliver the knock out punch we were found wanting in every aspect-from our shoddy investigations to playing vote bank politics.
I am not a hardliner and have an immediate preference to liberal means to resolve such disputes but history is not just meant to fill up the old dust cupboards lined with cobwebs.There is a lot to be learned and inferred from it.Unfortunately over the years India have learnt it the hard way.
Peace will exist only when we have democratically elected govt. in Pakistan which wields complete power rather than the puppets which work at the behest of the ministry.Till then , i suspect, opening up diplomatic channels would be delusional.
Repeated bullshit is not wisdom.

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